Catalonia Hotels and Resorts

The Caribbean is a piece of Paradise to enjoy in style: mesmerizing landscapes, beaches to fall in love with and amazing nature surroundings. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts shares with you Caribbean scenarios that await for you. They will be by your side during your stay and we will create together unforgettable experiences. With your partner or with the kids, to relax or to keep on the move, at Mexico or the Dominican Republic... whatever your choice is; they will be there for you.

Weddings at Catalonia Hotels and Resorts

     The best places for weddings in the Caribbean are in the Riviera Maya in Mexico and in the Dominican Republic, two of the most romantic wedding destinations in the world. Catalonia Hotels & Resorts offer the most complete Wedding Packages, ideal to suit all the tastes and needs of every couple. Our resorts are among the best all inclusive beach wedding destinations.

     Soft sands, beautiful turquoise beaches, tall palm trees along the coast, colorful sunsets and environments full of romance, are just some of the elements that will make this moment the most special of your life. We are one of the best honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean, our honeymoon rooms offer a complete package all inclusive and with everything you need to live a wonderful experience with your partner.