Riu Resorts COVID-19 Health Protocols in conjunction with the Perverisk Group, an international consultant group with a focus on global tourism, training and development in the areas of health, hygiene, safety quality and sustainability, has put together the following protocols to protect guests and staff from the spread of the Corona virus. The protocols cover, social distancing, sickness reporting, medical support, communication plans and training programs. Social distancing and hygiene practices (personal and environmental) have been implemented. 

Beating Covid-19 will be a joint effort and will require participation by both guests and employees. Following is a summary of measures that are being taken. Keep in mind that measures are subject to change based on the current risk level.


All guests, staff, suppliers and visitors to Riu Resorts will be required to comply with the following measures. 

  • All Hotel entrances will require temperature taking, hand disinfection control and provision of masks and gloves to visitors. 
  • Reinforced personal hygiene procedures have been implemented for all staff including gloves and masks for all personnel. 
  • Cleaning and disinfection procedures have been improved for each service. In addition, tables, chairs, hammocks and any other items will be disinfected after each clients use. 
  • Guests will be asked to maintain a social distance of 6 feet or more. 
  • Hand Sanitizer stations will be available throughout each Riu Resort. 
  • Constant ventilation protocols have been reinforced with natural air. 
  • All chemicals used in cleaning are considered to be effective against COVID-19. 

• Two designated groups of staff. One group to work exclusively with dirty clothes and the other to work exclusively with clean clothes.
• Different trolleys are used for dirty clothes and clean clothes, and these are disinfected daily.
• Clothes will be washed with ozone and detergent, and then dried at a temperature above 60ºC. Sheets, towels and other similar elements are folded at a temperature of 150ºC.

• The implementation of web check-in, in hotels where this is possible.
• Using the mobile app as an information tool for all hotel communal areas, to avoid information in paper form or flyers.
• Hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers distributed along the reception desk.
• Screens installed at the Reception desk.
• Room allocation criteria to ensure social distancing.

Receipt of goods
• Supplier’s staff temperatures will be taken.
• The entrance for supplier vehicles will be appropriately cleaned.
• Wherever possible, products will not enter the hotel in the supplier’s packaging but will firstly be transferred to the hotel’s previously disinfected crates.
• Fruit and vegetables will be disinfected before being stored.
• External suppliers will be asked for details of all hygiene and safety measures that have been taken in relation to COVID-19. Regular compliance checks will be made.

 SPA, fitness & pools
• Guests will need to make an appointment for treatments to avoid crowding.
• A disposable protector will be used on beds and other items during each guest’s treatment.
• The mandatory use of a towel on all sports equipment.
• For disinfecting equipment, disinfectant and disposable paper towel dispensers will be available.
• Swimming pool capacities will be limited.
• Sunbeds will be 2 metres apart for clients from different family units.
• Sunbeds will be cleaned and disinfected each day.

• Protocols for constant ventilation with natural air have been reinforced. An air purification system will be installed in closed areas.
• Air conditioning maintenance in rooms and common areas to include a weekly disinfection of filters.
• Strict supervision of dish-washing, laundry and other washing and disinfection equipment.
• Water systems (pools, spa, sanitary and irrigation water) are monitored constantly.

• HACCP is strictly implemented and monitored, and reinforced personal hygiene procedures have been added, including the use of gloves, masks and frequent hand washing, every 30 minutes minimum.
• Only the required number of dishes will be placed on the buffet. Single-dose, packaged products and individual portions will be provided for some meals, with more regular restocking.
• Depending on the buffet option, all serving utensils (tongs, serving spoons, etc.) will be changed every 30 minutes and replaced with new disinfected ones.
• At show cooking stations food shall be prepared in reasonable quantities to avoid queues forming, but also to avoid food piling up.

• Breakfast, lunch and dinner timetables extended.
• Staff will manage entry to the restaurant and show clients to their assigned tables.
• Clear instructions regarding restaurant rules and the route around the restaurant, buffets and show cooking stations.
• A disposable paper tablecloth used for each client. Cutlery placed on the table in a sealed paper envelope.
• Tables, chairs and any item left on the table shall be disinfected after each client.

• Spaces will be adapted so guests can enjoy activities whilst maintaining social distancing.
• Guests’ temperatures will be taken prior to all activities.
• Before beginning an activity, all participants will be reminded of hygiene and safety measures.
• Activities for children will be adapted to maintain social distancing, and capacities will be reduced.
• There will be no adult or teenage sports activities involving physical contact.

• Enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures for cleaning each room, with special attention paid to hand contact areas (railings, handles, tv/ac remote controls, minibar, etc.).
• Communal indoor and outdoor areas will be cleaned and disinfected every hour, with special attention paid to hand contact areas (railings, handrails, elevator buttons, etc…).
• Some items have been removed from rooms. Amenities now include a hand sanitizer dispenser and hygienic bags.

• Screens will be installed on the bar counter.
• The drinks menu will be printed on posters and those guests who have downloaded the RIU App. will also be able to see it on their mobile phones.
• Drinks will be served exclusively from the Bar to the guest, or from the Office to the Bar and then the tables.
• Enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures during and after each service. Furthermore, tables and chairs (surfaces and sides) and any items left on the table, will be disinfected after each guest.

Staff transfer
• Preventative measures to be taken, depending on the employee’s mode of transport.
• The implementation of specific rules for the use of public transport, including social distancing, personal hygiene and PPE.
• The implementation of enhanced rules for the cleaning and disinfection of company buses.
• The creation of additional hygiene rules upon arrival at hotel facilities.

• Signalling tape will be installed to ensure correct queuing.
• Exchanges or returns will be stored for 72 hours and sanitized.
• Payment by credit card will be encouraged.
• Enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures for cleaning whilst open and after they close.

• Information regarding rules located in the venue, and also information by way of WiFi access.
• Independent entry and exit doors and routes to organize attendees’ access.
• At the coffee break, hotel staff provide an assisted service.
• Microphones and earpieces for one person use, for each attendee who requires one.


These examples are a few highlights taken from the new protocols, but there are many more actions that involve suppliers, transporters and distributors, which cover the use of lifts or how the bathrooms in communal areas are used, as well as new measures to be applied by the staff in Bar, Kitchens and Entertainment.

RIU has stepped up to this task with a view to leading the overhaul of all the hotel work processes, an essential task if we are to ensure maximum safety in the hotels following the outbreak of this health crisis. The work will undergo constant review, in line with the development of the pandemic, how it is being handled and the emergence of effective products and rules to fight against its spread. The chain’s aspiration is to get back to action as soon as possible and offer all the guarantees within its reach. The chain is experiencing the worst crisis the sector has ever faced, having closed all 99 hotels in 19 countries, but it is now focusing on the work it needs to do to restart operations and welcome back its workforce.

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